**NOTE** You MUST use INTERNET EXPLORER when using eTRAKiT, ALL other browsers may lose your application data, inspection requests, and payment info when forwarded to the City.

Please note that the City must set up your account as a REGISTERED USER to submit permits or projects in eTRAKiT.  Refer to the New Registered User Requirements on our web site for a list of items to email the City to set you up.

Registered Users (Projects and Permits): Log in as "Registered User"

Public (License: Rental Registration, Liquor, NG Parking): Click "Set up an Account" (at the top) to setup your new account, then log in by selecting "Public" from dropdown.

Prior to applying for a SHORT-TERM RENTAL (STR) permit, you must have the City set up your account (see New Registered User Requirements) AND you must know the correct STR category by identifying your property‚Äôs zoning with the interactive map on our
Short-Term Housing Rental web site.


Effective April 1, 2019: The City of College Station adopted the
2018 International Codes and the 2017 National Electric Code (NEC)